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Cooperation based on hiring our recruiter - optimize time and costs. Dedicated recruiter just for your company.


Our Talent Partners join your team and take care of the entire recruitment process in your organization. They act as your internal team - it can be either one recruiter or the whole team. Our TPs have extensive experience in working for various clients from various sectors. Their experience often comes from working with some of the fastest-growing tech startups across Europe.

TP is the person who implements and manages your ATS (if your organization does not have it, our Talent Partner will choose the best ATS for your company and implement it together with your team). He is also responsible for process reviews, teamwork planning, employer branding, removal of project blockers, constant work with stakeholders and many other things. At the end of the day, his work aims to bring a measurable effect in the form of employment of specific specialists at a specific time.

1. The first step is to perform an audit of recruitment and business processes, which will show us how we can work with you and what we should change to make your company the fastest growing company in its industry. Thanks to many years of cooperation with companies of all sizes, we know what works and what needs to be improved. Our spectrum of experience includes dozens of technology companies for which we work.

2. The next step is to delegate one, two or more ‘built-in’ recruiters (Talent Partners) who will take care of all your recruitment needs. They will be involved as part of your internal team - they will work fulltime only for your organization. 

1. You pay a fixed monthly amount (subscription model) without any other costs. As part of the cooperation, we provide our Talent Partners with access to the latest tools such as Macbook, iPhone, Linkedin Professional, paid training and many others. You don't have to invest in this type of thing - you pay one amount each month for the entire package and expect results.

2. Our Talent Partners are top-class specialists with a wide range of experience. They have the right knowledge on how to attract candidates to work in your organization. In addition, they have their own huge database, they have built relationships with candidates from all over the world - yes, our Talent Partners have experience with candidates from the EU, USA, Canada and Singapore.

We are the perfect choice when you want to quickly hire several people. We will also prove ourselves when you need a flexible and transparent approach and constant cooperation.

Depending on your needs, we can start cooperation within 3-6 weeks. In some cases, the process can be even faster.

Key benefits and main differences between Embedded Recruitment and Direct & Executive Search:
  • 1Developing the best development strategy
  • 2Cost reduction by ~50% compared to sourcing candidates based on a success fee model
  • 3Talent Partners act as your internal team, so all blockers (problems) are solved on an ongoing basis, thanks to which we can provide 2-3 times faster recruitment compared to the typical success fee model.
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It all depends on your needs and how big a TP team you want to subscribe to.

The costs also depend on the experience of the Talent Partner(s). Contact us to learn more about this cooperation model!